Who we are

Cape builds software that unlocks the full potential of drones by allowing users to gain all of the value without any of the complexities. Cape’s Drone Telepresence and Data Management (DTDM) System is the only cloud-based Drone Telepresence and Data Management system available today. Customers can access safe, reliable, repeatable and secure use of drones. Users with zero training can log into Cape’s online cloud platform and connect to a drone located thousands of kms away. They can fly the drones safely with ultra low latency controls and high resolution video without touching any hardware (drones, batteries, transmitters, etc.).

Our Advantage

Cape is a self-service SaaS system that works with commercially available off-the-shelf drones. Cape makes it easy, safe and efficient for users to integrate drones into their daily operations. We’ve overseen more than 100,000 missions and users can rely on safe operation throughout the process. Users can fly a drone from a standard web browser with just a computer, keypad and mouse.

What people are saying?

You see things that colleagues patrolling the streets cannot see. You can assist with efficiency, quickness and safety in places they would never get to.

Lino Linares
Ensenada Municipal Police

Our Partnership

Telstra is evaluating the use of Cape technology to expand the effectiveness of drone tower inspection. Telstra hopes to benefit from the increased safety of user-defined automation. Telstra will benefit from the stream real-time video which will allow the inspector/pilot to include other participants during the inspection wherever they are located around the city, the country or the world.

How does our solution work?

Cape Aerial Telepresence fuses real time control HD video streaming between a drone and any internet browser; no matter the distance between a drone and user’s computer. Cape Cloud runs flight and video data capture/storage, and user/drone/location/flight information. Cape App provides: mediation and control gateway between the drone, Cape Cloud, local control and the maintenance interface for the drone Security.

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