1 Aug 2017

Whispir and Moreton Bay Regional Council partner to improve community safety

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Following the severe flooding in Queensland during January 2011, Moreton Bay Regional Council realised it had an inability to effectively communicate warning messages to its residents.

The Council engaged Whispir to help implement a more effective communications solution that could not only send out information more efficiently but also better manage its contact information. Key features include:

  • Single source of truth: the ability to deliver a single message over multiple channels quickly and easily meant the Council could provide timely and accurate information to residents;
  • Contact accuracy: better management of community contact information by having it all accessible from within the one system;
  • Secure, high-available messaging: the platform is also managed centrally in a hosted solution which further mitigates risk, ensuring greater operational resilience;
  • Self-selection: Members of the community can opt-in to receive warning alert messages about flood conditions and major dam releases in the region, with subscriber information geo-coded so that they get the most relevant messages for their region; and
  • Bulk message transmission: Send highly targeted messages to large numbers of residents at the same time

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