Who we are

Uhana is an exciting start up founded to commercialise ground breaking Stanford research on next generation mobile networks. The company harnesses the power of deep learning and artificial intelligence to optimise mobile subscriber quality of experience and Radio Access Network (RAN) efficiency for service providers.

Our Advantage

For the first time, service providers can offer application developers an API to access accurate, fine-grained network visibility, intelligence and predictive “what-if” modelling. This enables a programmable network connectivity layer, which optimises QoE for subscribers, increases CAPEX efficiency for operators and provides a foundation for new revenue generation.

How does our solution work?

The Uhana platform is a real-time artificial intelligence pipeline, which ingests data directly from the RAN infrastructure and processes that data into real-time, per-user mobile network KPIs. The KPIs are then combined with operator policies and other real-time data and processed through application specific AI neural networks to deliver real-time, predictive guidance to accelerate application performance and optimise network efficiency through programmatic closed-loop control.

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