1 Sep 2017

Lots of opportunities in South East Asia for tech innovation & entrepreneurship

Telstra Ventures

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Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting markets globally to invest in for Telstra Ventures.

In a recent interview with Dealstreet Asia, Matthew Koertge (Managing Director at Telstra Ventures) shared his views on the region and plans for future investments.

Telstra has invested more than A$300 million in 45 technology companies worldwide. While the firm has no plans to establish a Southeast Asia-focused fund, Koertge said it will continue to grow its portfolio in Southeast Asia. Telstra Ventures has already made a number of strategic investments to establish its presence in the region. Last year, it invested in Singapore-based venture capital firm Monk’s Hill Ventures.

It has also partnered with Indonesia’s PT Metra Digital Investama to tap opportunities in the largest market in Southeast Asia. One of the markets in Southeast Asia that the firm is particularly optimistic about is Indonesia. “Indonesia is a region we are definitely very excited about. Other than its size, the country is showing strong numbers on mobile, smartphone and internet usage. Even more promising is the willingness of Indonesian consumers to engage in e-commerce through consumer/mobile apps and online marketplaces”

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