1 Mar 2017

Telstra expands its international apps portfolio

Telstra Ventures

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Investments, Networking, New Technology or Careers?

Many of us use apps to interact with businesses, whether it’s ordering your morning coffee, booking an appointment or banking. But what is less well-known is how organisations use applications behind the scenes to improve their business – and the experience they ultimately provide us.

Digital disruption is shaking up whole industries and changing the way organisations operate, the products they offer, and how they interact with customers. To compete in this global, digital economy, ‘traditional businesses’ need to transform – and they need the technology in place to do so.

Recent research commissioned by Telstra found 76 per cent of organisations believed they would be more effective if their technology and network platforms were more flexible and agile, while 67 per cent said their ability to work more collaboratively and effectively is hindered by rigid technology and network platforms.

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