16 Apr 2021

Building the future of humanoid robotics (Part 1): From a $10M to $5B valuation

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Calling all the robot-enthusiasts!

In the first of our two-part episode of The Path, Telstra Venture’s General Partner and Head of China, Chris Pu, speaks to James Zhou, Founder, and CEO of UBTECH, a global AI, and humanoid robotics company, currently valued at USD 5Billion.


UBTECH was founded on James’s vision to build a robot that kids would love, which turned into a company that could commercialize the function of service robots to benefit customers in their homes, hospitals, and business. UBTECH’s goal is to improve the AI inherent in robots to create the established role of robots in education, elderly care, and commercial logistics.


Tune in to part one to hear about UBTECH’s early ‘robot enthusiast’ investors and the process for securing those investors, how global collaboration between countries and companies will pave the way for a more competitive manufacturing supply chain for the robotics industry, and James’s vision that the robot industry is ready to birth a trillion-dollar company.


“We are entering the golden age of AI and service robots.  By improving AI technologies, we will start to see more responsive, better programmed, and intelligent service robots that can serve people in their homes in the future,” said James Zhou, Founder, and CEO of UBTECH.


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