1 Apr 2017

Telesign takes on $8 billion Communications Platform as a Service Market

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Blog by Aled Miles, CEO of Telesign:

Today is a big day in the history of TeleSign.

Today we open our premium global network, proprietary data intelligence and innovative communications and security APIs, enjoyed by 20 of the 25 largest brands in the world, to a wider developer audience for the first time via a new self-service portal at www.telesign.com/go. Today is the day we stake our claim as the second largest player in the $8 Billion Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) industry.

The need for cloud communications is on the rise, specifically the business need to add real-time communications into apps and websites to engage customers and keep accounts secure. In fact, our internal research shows that 91% of developers today plan to embed communications APIs or SDKs into their apps within the next year.

Starting today, developers can sign up with TeleSign for a free trial, get API credentials along with $5 in free credits and use their credit card to purchase services. With this self-service model, developers can get up and running in minutes with no contract commitments or minimum transaction thresholds.

Our new self-service portal offers easy access to many of TeleSign’s APIs, including:

  • TeleSign Messaging API – Allows developers to add real-time communications in the form of SMS-based alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, two-way communication, OTPs, and other automated messages to Web and mobile applications.
  • TeleSign Voice API – Allows developers to add real-time communications in the form of voice-based alerts, reminders, notifications, OTPs, and other automated messages to Web and mobile applications.
  • TeleSign Score – A fraud risk assessment API that delivers reputation scoring based on a variety of data points including phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning, and a global data consortium.
  • TeleSign PhoneID – Provides a variety of features including cleansed phone number, phone type, and telecom carrier information that can be used to determine which phone numbers are a potential fraud risk and the best communication method for a phone number (voice, SMS).
  • Auto Verify – An SDK to provide a frictionless user verification process into existing Android applications in a secure, low-cost way.

This is all supported by extensive developer resources located at: https://developer.telesign.com/.

Finally, I’m pleased to share that we worked with IDC on a white paper that reviews our business and how TeleSign fits into the broader CPaaS category. This new white paper entitled, “TeleSign Poised for Market Leadership in CPaaS,” explains how TeleSign will “leverage its formidable expertise in mobile identification, security and authentication (2FA) as key differentiators for customers and partners considering a CPaaS approach.” It’s this level of expertise and high-quality, global network that has led many of our customers to select us as their CPaaS provider. In fact, based on revenue, TeleSign’s $100M business makes us one of the largest CPaaS companies in the world, second only to Twilio today, but poised for leadership as we open up our platform to a much broader set of customers and use cases.

This is just the first of many exciting announcements from TeleSign in 2017! Our APIs and SDKs, combined with our proprietary data intelligence on every phone number in the world, enable developers to create a stronger and more secure user experience on their apps, and we are excited to see what types of experiences you create using TeleSign.


-Aled Miles, CEO of TeleSign