4 Mar 2021

Tech’s Great Migration: Insights to Emerging Tech Hubs Across the U.S.

Telstra Ventures

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As we reflect on the past 12 months, we want to understand – how have the events of 2020 impacted the startup and Venture Capital landscape in the U.S? 


Will we see tech startups move away from the Bay Area? Will emerging tech hubs take hold as new tech epicenters? The truth is, we won’t know the outcome for some time, as behavior patterns take hold. We intend to keep a close eye on this data and the trends that emerge in the years to come.


During the past 12 months, COVID required the VC community to think, act, and work differently.  An emerging sentiment took hold that ‘you don’t need to be in the Bay Area’ to build the next unicorn or decacorn.


See the full report that uncovers:

  1. Which cities are attracting startups; is there movement away from the Bay Area and New York startup tech hubs?
  2. Which sectors saw the biggest increase in VC investments?
  3. Which cities or regions saw the most growth in VC investments?
  4. Which were the top sectors that attracted VC investments in these cities or regions?


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