17 May 2019

Boomtown announces a $12 million investment led by Telstra Ventures

Sarah Robertson


Investments, Networking, New Technology or Careers?

Telstra Ventures initially invested in Boomtown in 2016 and we are incredibly excited to continue to support the team in their journey ahead, leading their Series B financing. The team has done an incredible job by growing the business over 100% year over year.

Today, the company has hundreds of customers servicing almost 200,000 businesses globally. Boomtown started off by providing IT implementation and ongoing support for SMB retailers. This is a critical function for SMBs to provide a high level of service to their customers and make more money.  Boomtown supports new point of sale (POS) technology including cloud-based point of sale terminals and new chip-based cards. Over the last couple of years the company has shown tremendous progress in supporting customers beyond POS vendors, particularly in the medical devices space amongst others.

Congratulations Boomtown.

Read the press release here