30 Apr 2021

Creating A Trillion-dollar Company In Humanoid Robots

Telstra Ventures

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The latest episode of The Path is not to be missed…


In the second of our two-part episode of The Path, Telstra Ventures’ General Partner and Head of China,  Chris Pu,  continues his conversation with James  Zhou, Founder , and CEO of  UBTECH, a global AI, and humanoid robotics company.  James talks about why the next decade will be ‘the golden age for AI and service robots’ and shares his aspirations to build UBTECH into a trillion-dollar company.


He talks about what it takes to build a successful start-up, including careful selection of your niche market to ensure there’s room for growth; how to hire and cultivate the right talent; and how to develop a clear business model.


Tune in to part two to hear about James’ innovation strategy, which he likens to 10,000 troops’ desert survival strategy. James also reveals his vision for the future of service robots, citing examples in commercial logistics and eldercare, and the company’s commitment to cross-training youth that will one day replace him.


“I hope to build UBTECH into a trillion-dollar company over the next decade. But in the future, we need more young people, and we need to help them improve their skills to do more,” said James Zhou, Founder, and CEO of UBTECH.


Click here to watch the episode on our YouTube channel.