12 Mar 2021

How Airspace Raised Funding After Bootstrapping the Business

Telstra Ventures

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Want to know how to raise capital? You need to watch The Path.


Telstra Ventures’ Operations Partner Gurpreet (Gup) Ghuliani chats to founders about what makes an idea extraordinary, how to navigate the world of venture capital to scale, and shares words of wisdom for future entrepreneurs.


In the first episode of The Path, Gup interviews Airspace co-founder and CEO Nick Bulcao. Airspace is a logistics company that handles time-critical cargo like organs, airplane parts, and COVID-19 tests.Nick shares his experiences on building a team, finding his co-founder on Craigslist, creating a technology business about people, and raising capital. Don’t miss Nick’s story on how close he came to missing payday when his first institutional funding round came through!


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