13 Mar 2021

The Funding Strategy Behind Springboard – The Airbnb of Learning

Telstra Ventures

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Investments, Networking, New Technology or Careers?

Need to build a village of like-minded investors? Don’t miss this episode of The Path.


Telstra Ventures’ Operations Partner Gurpreet (Gup) Ghuliani chats to founders about bringing the human element into business, how there’s no right way to secure funding, and how the pandemic accelerated the digital skills divide and need for online learning.


In this episode of The Path, Gup chats with Gautam Tambay, Springboard’s Co-Founder and CEO. Springboard is an online education company that helps people land new jobs and transform into new careers in light of the new economy, such as data science, design, and even cybersecurity, through intensive online programs with a job guarantee.


Gautam shares his experiences securing institutional fundraising by understanding the investor and their motivations, recognizing not everyone will be a believer in your business and finding those believers to get them to invest in you. Don’t miss Gautam’s view of building a tribe and village of investors and always striving to keep the human connection.


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