Who we are

Cofense is the leading provider of phishing threat management for organisations concerned about human susceptibility and response to advanced phishing attacks. Cofense helps global organisations, including 250 of the Fortune 1000 to rapidly detect, analyse and quarantine email-bourne attacks that incessantly evade perimeter controls. Built on the worldʼs largest data lake of phishing threats found by real people, Cofense combines the power of human detection with an automated response, enabling your teams to stop phishing attacks in minutes. Its advanced phishing prevention technology augmented with collective human intelligence is the first solution purpose-built to quickly detect and stop phish that reaches the inbox.

Our Advantage

Cofense helps customers find real threats as they happen. The fully integrated product suite of Cofense PhishMe™, Cofense Reporter™, Cofense Triage™, Cofense Vision™ and Cofense Intelligence™ delivers a comprehensive program.

Through our consultative services, Cofense focuses on customer experience and engagement based on real threats. Cofenseʼs team provides phishing simulation training using the latest tactics and techniques used to evade SEGs. Cofense solutions enable organisations to remediate phishing attacks faster with insights from the largest network of human-sensors, our customers from around the world. It helps them to fine tune their perimeter controls by understanding and prioritising threats detected by their users.

What people are saying?

We see lots of malicious emails that make it past the gateway. With Cofense, we can quickly identify, investigate, and remediate threats. We’re able to stop attacks not only rapidly but efficiently.

Security Analyst,
Financial Services

Before we used Cofense, running down active phishing threats was time-intensive. The automation helps our analysts zero in faster. Our people make better use of their time and get better results.

Global Energy Company

Many of today’s phishing attacks are too difficult for gateways to stop. Cofense enables us to find what gets through every day. We can make quick, accurate decisions about what to remediate and how.

National Healthcare Company

Our Partnership

Telstra is currently using a suite of products from Cofense: Cofense PhishMe™, a phishing awareness program, is used to send out simulated phishing emails to help train and change employees’ behaviour. Cofense Reporter™, is deployed on all company Outlook installations. Emails that are reported are then processed by the Security Operations Centre (SOC) team in Melbourne using Cofense Triage (TM).

How does our solution work?

Employees trained on current and relevant phishing scenarios are conditioned to report suspicious emails which are quickly analysed and prioritised before being vetted against current threats. Organisations can fast track rapid decisions and actions against phishing attack and threats are contained and remediated in minutes.

The process is full circle for the best possible protection and integrates with SOAR, SIEM and TIP platforms to further support security operations and incident response

Organisations can:

• Detect and remediate phishing threats when it lands in a user’s inbox.

• Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.

• Improve phishing prevention with crowd-sourced intelligence from millions of users.

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